Winners - Aces

Aces of the Month 2020



Ann McConnell

Low Gross Ace June
Score of 74

Myrna Barnard

Low Net Ace June
Score of 54 

Barb Hoolehan

Low Net Ace June
Score of 54 

MONTH                LOW GROSS                 LOW NET
June74 Ann McConnell54 Myrna Barnard
and Barb Hoolehan
May74 Kathy Peterson51 Karen Brown
April71 Ann McConnell51 Kerry Vaudrey
March71 Dee Coghill47 Mary Lou Irons
February74 Bonnie Clark52 - Kay Grossman &
Kerry Vaudrey
January75 Dee Coghill49 Jane Kerkorian
December69        Ann McConnell54        Pat Burke
November74        Dee Klein59        Jo Vander Velden
  • Due to 2019 course closure during summer/fall months, Ace of the Month was suspended June through October 2019.

Aces of the Year 2019

Ann McConnell

Low Gross Ace of the Year
Score of 69 

Janet Edwards

Low Net Ace of the Year 
Score of 50